The Urban Polo™ is a unique sport which brings the prestigious sport of polo to a city setting and audience. The Urban Polo™ is a high impact, fast-paced variation of the traditional sport, combining a much smaller field and simplified rules to allow the sport to be better understood by the target audience of 25-45-year-old young professionals and entrepreneurs seeking high end, luxury experiences.

info@urbanpolo.co.nz or call +64 9 215 5277

Why invest in the Urban Polo™?

Polo is one of the fastest growing spectator sports in the world.

Associated with prestige and luxury, polo is perfectly placed to provide a marketing platform for a sponsor to integrate its brand into an environment that is often difficult to access.

The Urban Polo™ combines the traditional sport of polo with the modern, flashy and fast-paced city environment.

Parallels may be drawn between our Urban Polo™ events and Sevens Rugby, both of which exhibit a faster, simplified version of a traditional sport with fewer players on the pitch and shorter matches being played, thus appealing to a wider, and generally younger, audience.


What Can The Urban Polo™ give your brand?

The opportunity to reach the specific AB demographic in the perfect environment.

An ideal platform for branding, sampling and distribution.

The opportunity to establish a connection with the sport and associate yourself with The Urban Polo™ at an early stage of development within New Zealand.

Opportunity to entertain guests and clients in an exclusive and luxurious setting.

Association with a prestigious sport that is becoming increasingly popular within younger generations of professionals and entrepreneurs, whist the traditional aspects of the sport still draw popularity from all ages.


Platform Opportunities at the event:

Sponsorship Packages

Team Naming Rights – two left

VIP Marquee- Auckland Sold out, all other sites have options left

Divot Stomp


Player Pants – fully subscribed

Player Tops – fully subscribed

Umpire uniforms – Auckland and Christchurch sold, other location available

Saddle cloths

Official After Party – Wellington, Christchurch and Hamilton full subscribed Auckland available

For more information and sponsorship opportunities please contact info@urbanpolo.co.nz or call +64 9 215 5277.

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